Bear Manor - Feel the nature & hear the forest

1 Manor

7 Rooms 14 single
7 double beds

3 Saunas

1 Hot Tube

1 Summer kitchen



Sauna is one of our key elements, since it belongs to our everyday life. Sauna is all about relaxing and feeling good with a little bit of mystique. In the middle of the nature you can enjoy steam in the three forest saunas and listen what the sauna spirit whispers to you.

Finns has always believe in the healing effects of sauna and there is even an old Finnish saying;

“If there is no help from sauna, spirits or tar, it will be lethal”


Food plays important role for us and we want to be aware where it comes from. We want to serve the best delicacies form the pure nature for you, game, berries, delicious mushrooms ranging from golden-yellow chanterelles to succulent porcini, not to mention wild herbs. If you don’t have the time to roam through the forest picking up treasures, we will provide those for you with a variety of wild food flavours.


For us the forest is more than habitat, it’s the air we are breathing. We are privileged to enjoy ”nature luxury” every day and that is something we want to share with you.

The four seasons will give you a reason to come back to peek the constantly changing scenery. You can sense the darkness, blue hour, northern lights and the sky full of stars from Autumn to the freezing temperatures of january and february. Spring, the increased amount of light, sunshine and greenery. Midsummer, the nightless nights, nature swims and fishing. Autumn rain and the wild food, herbs, berries and mushrooms. Experiences and nature enjoyments in a natural way.


After hunted for a long time sustainable, silent, fun and safe way to move our visitors in snowy nature, Pasi eventually realized that this kind of vehicle did not exists. Based on this idea of Pasi and the customer’s needs, eLyly was born. Pasi, the host of Bear Manor is the innovator behind eLyly, electric snow scooter which enables moderately fast movement in nature.

eLyly is a completely new ecological way to experience the winter nature. eLyly is more than a form of movement. It combines Finnish mythology, history and sisu – and modern top design by Harri Koskinen

eLyly safaris

eLyly enable carefree and comfortable way to experience winter nature and it is suitable for everyone ~ even the nature!

eLyly safari ~ sense the nature.

About us

We are small family company offering nature oriented experiences in the forest landscape of Central Finland. Through our services, comfort and privacy we want to create you the feeling of being at home. Our mission is to show you the Finnish way of living and relaxing.